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Coconut Sugar Substitutes: 20 Greatest Alternate options!

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Whether or not you’re utilizing coconut sugar in baking or savory recipes, there are occasions while you may not have this low glycemic sweetener available. So what can you employ as a substitute of coconut sugar? Learn on to search out one of the best coconut sugar substitutes for your entire baking and cooking wants!

Sugar is without doubt one of the key substances in a lot of our favourite meals, however it poses some appreciable well being dangers – particularly when consumed in excessive portions. By swapping out the empty energy of processed sugar for pure sugar and more healthy sweeteners, you’ll be able to actually have your cake and eat it too, since more healthy sweeteners include the good thing about decrease added sugars and decreased irritation.

In recent times, coconut sugar has gained immense reputation as a more healthy different to sugar. However what’s coconut sugar? Is it more healthy than common sugar? And what are a few of the greatest substitutes for coconut sugar? On this information, I might be exploring one of the best coconut sugar substitutes to attempt in all the pieces from baked items to savory dishes.

What Is Coconut Sugar?

Produced from coconut palm sap, coconut sugar is without doubt one of the world’s hottest options to common desk sugar. This pure sweetener is just like brown sugar in look and taste, which is a part of what makes it such a gorgeous swap. Not like brown sugar, nonetheless, coconut palm sugar is all-natural and full of vitamins.

Coconut sugar is harvested by chopping open a coconut palm flower to gather the sap. Subsequent, the coconut sap is uncovered to warmth to permit the water to evaporate. The remaining product is then damaged down into coconut sugar crystals and packaged as such.

Coconut sugar is well discovered at nearly any grocery retailer nowadays, because it has risen in reputation.

What Does Low-Glycemic Imply?

Earlier than you’ll be able to perceive what low-glycemic means, you must know what the glycemic index (GI) is. In response to Healthline, the glycemic index is a measurement system rating meals primarily based on the consequences they’ve in your blood sugar ranges. Meals with a score of 55 or fewer are thought of to have a low glycemic index. For reference, pure glucose has a GI worth of 100. 

Low-glycemic meals are thought of to be one of the best for you, as they’re extra slowly digested and absorbed by the bloodstream, which ends up in a slower and fewer important rise in blood sugar ranges. Solely meals that comprise carbs are measured based on the glycemic index, which means that carb-free meals like eggs and herbs are usually not assigned a price.

Is Coconut Sugar Low-Glycemic?

So, is coconut sugar low-glycemic? Whereas the precise GI worth varies from supply to supply, coconut sugar has a median GI score of 50-54, making it a decrease GI meals.

As compared – brown sugar has a glycemic index of 64, refined white sugar (or desk sugar) is 63, honey is 58, backstrap molasses is 55, maple syrup is 54 and cane sugar is 50.

So coconut sugar has a decrease glycemic index than most different sugars!

Is Coconut Sugar More healthy Than White Sugar? 

Many individuals ponder whether coconut sugar is more healthy than common white sugar. As a result of coconut sugar is a pure meals supply, extracted from flower buds of the coconut palm tree, it’s usually assumed that it should be good for you. Whereas coconut sugar is definitely more healthy than regular sugar, it’s fairly just like uncooked cane sugar in vitamins and energy.

On common, a tablespoon of coconut sugar comprises 45 energy, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and 12 grams of sugar. Whereas it comprises hint quantities of helpful nutritional vitamins and minerals, it could take a variety of coconut sugar (assume: a complete cup of coconut sugar, a minimum of) to get any true well being advantages from these vitamins. 

That implies that coconut sugar is technically a more healthy choice than refined white sugar, however it nonetheless must be consumed sparsely. And it’s not more healthy than consuming no added sugar in any respect. 

20 Greatest Coconut Sugar Substitutes

From sugar in liquid kind like agave syrup to synthetic sweeteners like xylitol, there are tons of nice replacements for coconut sugar bought in well being meals shops around the globe. Whether or not you’re on the hunt for pure sugar substitutes or low-carb sugar substitutes, there’s something on the market for you. I’ve rounded up my picks for the 21 greatest coconut sugar substitutes, which I’ve damaged down for you beneath. 

Greatest General Substitute

1. Mild Brown Sugar

My selection for one of the best different to coconut sugar is gentle brown sugar. With the identical brown coloration and an identical style, that is the choice that’s most like coconut sugar of all one of the best coconut sugar substitutes listed beneath.

Coconut sugar acts like gentle brown sugar, melts like gentle brown sugar, has an identical taste, and tastes simply as fabulous in your favourite sweets and treats. Due to this, gentle brown sugar makes a superb substitute for the pure sweetener. Now, let’s speak about some extra nice coconut sugar options. 

Pure Coconut Sugar Substitutes

2. Darkish Brown Sugar

Basically a less-refined model of normal cane sugar, darkish brown sugar is damp in consistency and recognizable by its signature darkish brown coloration. As a result of one of these sugar comprises molasses and caramel, it contains a taste with refined notes of each. 

Whereas darkish brown sugar is comparatively low in vitamins by itself, it may be used as a taste enhancer to make wholesome consuming extra interesting and may provide individuals with an vitality enhance. In the event you benefit from the style of caramel and molasses, this makes an ideal substitute for coconut sugar. 

3. Date Sugar

This sort of sugar is without doubt one of the newer coconut sugar substitutes—a minimum of by way of reputation. In recent times, dates have been praised as an exquisite sweetener for his or her pure sweetness and excessive dietary worth. Loved in all the pieces from smoothies to savory appetizers, dates at the moment are being churned into spreads and floor into sugar.

Date sugar is made with dehydrated dates which have been floor right into a consistency that resembles granulated sugar. Whereas it appears to be like quite a bit like brown sugar, date sugar contains a distinctive taste that provides notes of butterscotch. Date sugar is excessive in fiber and minerals, and is greatest loved in small quantities in savory rubs or easy baking recipes.

4. Maple Sugar

Maple sugar is a pure coconut sugar substitute made by boiling maple syrup till the liquid has evaporated, forsaking granulated sugar crystals infused with candy maple taste. In the event you love the style of maple syrup however wish to use a granulated type of sugar, maple sugar is the way in which to go. 

Not like many forms of sugar, you’ll be able to simply make your personal maple sugar at dwelling after which retailer it within the freezer or within the pantry for as much as two years. Only one tablespoon of maple sugar comprises greater than half of the really useful every day consumption of manganese, a strong mineral that promotes bone well being and regulates blood sugar ranges. 

5. White Cane Sugar

Some of the widespread coconut sugar substitutes available on the market, white cane sugar is a refined sugar that’s usually utilized in quite a lot of meals and drinks. This product is exclusive in that it’s not simply used so as to add sweetness, but additionally to boost the colour, texture, and shelf-life of packaged merchandise. 

White cane sugar is made by milling and refining the sugar cane plant, producing a dry sugar that may be bought in granulated kind or crushed into powdered sugar. Whereas it comprises hint quantities of minerals, white cane sugar will not be thought of to be nutritious and may trigger a rise in blood glucose ranges. 

6. Turbinado Sugar

Typically used to sweeten drinks like espresso and tea, reasonably than baked items, turbinado sugar is a kind of uncooked granulated sugar manufactured from dry, brown crystalline sugars. As a result of it’s much less refined than white sugar, turbinado sugar has a rough texture and a larger quantity of molasses than demerara sugar, however lower than that of brown sugar.

Like most forms of sugar, turbinado sugar doesn’t comprise important quantities of vitamins. Nonetheless, uncooked sugar – like turbinado – is understood to offer extra antioxidants than different forms of sugar. Identical to with another type of sugar, an excessive amount of can result in troublesome well being issues like weight problems and diabetes. 

7. Demerara Sugar

Whereas demerara sugar is commonly used interchangeably for turbinado sugar and many individuals take into account them to be the identical, there are some refined variations between the 2 coconut sugar substitutes. Each forms of sugar are uncooked granulated sugars, however demerara sugar has a decrease molasses content material and a stronger caramel taste. 

This sort of uncooked sugar is taken into account to be more healthy than white sugar as a result of it’s much less processed, which implies it’s in a position to retain some nutritional vitamins and minerals. It’s essential to remember the fact that you would want to eat an unhealthy quantity of sugar to profit from the vitamins it gives, so you must nonetheless reasonable your consumption. 

8. Panela / Piloncillo (Mexican Brown Sugar)

Mexican brown sugar, often known as panela or piloncillo, is an unrefined cane sugar that originated in -you guessed it – Mexico. It’s identified for its robust caramel-like style and is commonly considered a extra intensely flavorful model of molasses or brown sugar. Mockingly sufficient, Mexican brown sugar doesn’t comprise any molasses.

Made by boiling cane juice right into a thick syrup, this coconut sugar substitute is bought in a hardened kind that should be grated or chopped to make use of. Piloncillo is free from components and is used for a variety of meals, from meat rubs to dessert recipes. 

9. Sucanat

Opposite to widespread perception, Sucanat will not be a kind of sugar – it’s a model. Extra particularly, it’s a model of entire cane sugar comprised of pure sugar cane juice. This pure sweetener is an unrefined number of sugar that options excessive quantities of molasses, which means it retains extra vitamins than your common cane sugar. 

Brief for “sugar cane pure,” Sucanat was first launched in 1978 by an organization known as Pronatec. Sucanat in brown in coloration and has a particular taste just like a milder type of Mexican brown sugar. Like different forms of unrefined sugar, Sucanat comprises solely hint quantities of vitamins, so that you would want to eat a variety of it to reap the advantages. You’re higher off utilizing it in small portions as a taste enhancer and sticking to fruits and veggies on your vitamins. 

Liquid / Syrup Substitutes For Coconut Sugar

10. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a thick, candy, and sticky liquid that will get produced by extracting and cooking the sap of maple timber. As a pure sweetener, pure maple syrup comprises hint minerals and phenolic compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. 

Nonetheless, whereas it has a decrease GI than desk sugar, maple syrup ought to nonetheless be consumed sparsely. When looking for maple syrup on the retailer, all the time examine the label – you wish to go for pure maple syrup with no components. 

11. Uncooked Honey

Honey is a thick liquid type of sugar with a light-weight golden coloration and sticky texture. Produced by honeybees, honey is well-kown for its abundance of plant compounds. Because of this focus of compounds, uncooked honey boasts antioxidant and anti inflammatory advantages. 

Not solely is it utilized in all the pieces from espresso and smoothies to salad dressings and baked items, however honey has additionally been used to heal wounds and burns for hundreds of years. When selecting a bottle of honey on the retailer, search for “uncooked honey” when doable. That is the least processed kind of honey and subsequently comprises probably the most vitamins. 

12. Molasses

As soon as one of the crucial widespread sugar substitutes within the nation, molasses is now principally reserved for old style recipes and seasonal treats like gingerbread and sweet. Molasses is made by boiling sugar beet juice or sugar cane, leading to a candy, thick liquid with a deep brown coloration. This coconut sugar substitute comprises hint quantities of nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it an excellent choice for sweetening your meals.

13. Agave Nectar

Additionally known as agave syrup, agave nectar is commonly bought in well being meals shops and marketed as a diabetes-friendly sweetener. Derived from the agave plant, a plant historically believed to have medicinal properties, agave nectar chopping and urgent the plant to extract its sap. 

The sap naturally comprises wholesome fiber with hyperlinks to metabolism help and blood sugar ranges, however the refinement course of sometimes destroys the fiber by exposingn the sap to warmth to create the syrup. Comparatively excessive in sugar, agave nectar is an efficient coconut sugar substitute if you’d like one thing in liquid kind with a pleasantly candy style. 

14. Brown Rice Syrup

To not be confused with high-fructose corn syrup (a particular no-no!), brown rice syrup is derived from brown rice. Additionally known as rice malt syrup or rice syrup, brown rice syrup is made by exposing cooked rice to enzymes that break down the starches inside, shrinking them and filtering out impurities. The ensuing product is a thick, candy syrup. 

Watch out with this coconut sugar substitute. Though it’s comprised of brown rice, brown rice syrup comprises little or no vitamins, but is excessive in energy and sugar. Due to its excessive GI and lack of vitamins, there are undoubtedly some more healthy choices you might use.

Low Carb Coconut Sugar Substitutes

15. Monk Fruit Sweetener

Monk fruit extract comes from the Chinese language Siraitia grosvenorii plant and, whereas 200-300 instances sweeter than white sugar, doesn’t comprise any energy. Due to its lack of energy, monk fruit extract doesn’t have an effect on blood sugar ranges and will promote weight reduction when consumed instead of sugar. 

Whereas monk fruit extract by itself is pure, many monk fruit sweeteners bought in grocery shops mix the extract with synthetic sweeteners. This may impression the dietary profile of the product, so it’s all the time essential to examine the label. 

16. Stevia

Produced from the leaves of the stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana), stevia has gained a ton of traction lately as an excellent different to subtle sugar. It’s generally used instead of coconut sugar and different forms of sugar in all the pieces from iced teas to baked items and ice cream. 

Research have proven that stevia could cut back blood sugar ranges and assist forestall weight acquire. Nonetheless, different research have additionally prompt that the plant-based sweetener could trigger hurt to your intestine microbiome. I might advocate consuming stevia sparsely, like anything. 

17. Allulose

Not like many different coconut sugar substitutes, allulose is simply round 70 p.c as candy as desk sugar. Because of this for shoppers to benefit from the candy style they’re used to, they must both use extra of the sweetener or mix it with one other kind of sugar or sweetener.

Allulose is a uncommon kind of sugar that exists naturally in fruits like figs and jackfruit. It’s a preferred selection as an excellent substitute for sugar as a result of it contains a candy taste that’s remarkably just like desk sugar. Nonetheless, watch your sugar consumption with this one – excessive quantities of allulose have been identified to trigger diarrhea, bloating, and abdomen ache. 

18. Erythritol

Erythritol is a kind of sugar alcohol that’s tauted as a low-calorie different to common sugar. It tastes like sugar and acts like sugar, however with out the nasty negative effects of sugar. With round 6 p.c of the energy present in desk sugar, erythritol is undoubtedly a sensible choice for these watching their calorie consumption.

This pure sugar alcohol is made when yeast ferments glucose from corn or wheat starch, leading to a last product that appears like a cross between powdered sugar and granulated sugar. Whereas one of these sugar is believed to be secure for consumption in small portions (like another sugar), sugar alcohols have been identified to trigger digestive points. So long as it’s consumed in small doses, erythritol is a superb coconut sugar substitute. 

19. Tagatose

Discovered naturally in quite a lot of meals like dairy merchandise and cacao, tagatose is a keto-friendly sugar that has not too long ago gained traction as a substitute for desk sugar. Among the most interesting facets of tagatose as a coconut sugar substitute are that it doesn’t have an effect on blood sugar ranges and it’s a low-calorie sweetener. Tagatose tastes just like sugar, making it a preferred selection amongst these trying to drop extra pounds or keep a wholesome life-style. 

20. Xylitol

Like erythritol, xylitol is a naturally-occuring sugar alcohol discovered in lots of vegetation. The molecular construction of this sugar alcohol, combining traits of sugar and alcohol molecules, stimulates your tongue’s style receptors for sweetness. Xylitol is a typical ingredient in chewing gum, sweet, and lots of diabetes-friendly sweets. 

Xylitol is a refined sweetener, which means it doesn’t comprise any nutritional vitamins or minerals. Nonetheless, it comprises round half quantity of the energy present in desk sugar, making it an ideal different for many who wish to take pleasure in sugary snacks with out all of the added energy.

photo of different coconut sugar substitutes

Is Synthetic Sweetener More healthy Than Sugar?

All forms of sugar are thought of to be types of sweetener, as they’re mostly used to sweeten meals and drinks. Nonetheless, when many individuals consider the time period ‘sweetener,’ their minds immediately go to synthetic sweeteners. So, which is more healthy: sugar or sweetener? Effectively, that each one will depend on the elements you’re contemplating. 

Whereas synthetic sweeteners received’t elevate your blood sugar ranges like sugar, they’re additionally extra prone to trigger overeating all through the day and diabetes down the street. That being stated, synthetic sweeteners are usually widespread selections amongst these watching their calorie consumption, as a result of a lot of them comprise zero energy.

To all my buddies with a significant candy tooth (I’m proper there with you), don’t fear. So long as you eat it in small quantities / sparsely, sugar is ok for most individuals to eat. 

Recipes Utilizing Coconut Sugar

Now that you understand all concerning the many nice coconut palm sugar substitutes which can be accessible, I hope you’re able to do some experimenting!

Whether or not you’ve gotten coconut sugar at dwelling or wish to check out a brand new kind of sugar you simply realized about, I’ve loads of wholesome recipes with sugar that you would be able to attempt for your self. 

Listed here are a few of my favourite recipes utilizing coconut sugar:

Ultimate Ideas

Hopefully, this information to one of the best coconut sugar substitutes has given you a complete new perception on the wild world of sugar. In right this moment’s day and age, sugar tends to get a foul rap.

Nonetheless, so long as you educate your self on the assorted forms of sugar (which you simply did with this put up!) and eat sugary meals sparsely, there may be nothing incorrect with indulging each every now and then.

With that, I’ll go away you to go check out a few of the scrumptious recipes with coconut sugar that I discussed above. Let me know what you assume for those who attempt any of them out! 

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