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Energy and Conditioning for Handstands

Handstands are a motion that is quite common inside the sport of gymnastics, acrobatics and cheerleading. They construct the essential foundations for an athlete and permit them to construct confidence to carry out extra advanced expertise. With a view to do a handstand with confidence, an athlete must observe, observe, observe!

Listed here are some energy and conditioning workouts that may allow you to construct the idea wanted to carry and develop an ideal handstand.

1. Situation your Wrists

The wrists are what’s holding your physique up whenever you do a handstand so it’s essential to work in your wrist energy and adaptability initially. You will need to be constant and regularly construct up the energy in all the tissues in our wrists and palms.

Flexibility within the wrists is without doubt one of the key foundations in the case of with the ability to successfully do a handstand. In a straight handstand, wrists will want to have the ability to bend to or go previous 90 levels, and your shoulders ought to be capable of divulge heart’s contents to at the least 180 levels. When making an attempt to construct energy and adaptability within the wrists, you will need to observe expertise and drills at the least each 2- 3 days to permit time to recuperate in between conditioning.

Some useful workouts and drills embrace:

Wrist Push-Ups:

Come to all fours on a yoga mat or any fitness center matting that you’ll have out there to you. Stack your hips roughly over your knees and your shoulders roughly excessive of your wrists. When putting your palms on the ground, make sure that your index fingers are parallel and pointing forward. From right here, unfold your fingers and ‘grip’ the ground along with your hand in order that the entire of your palm is touching the bottom. Push your fingers to raise the palm of your hand off the ground. When doing this, ensure that your fingers stay grounded. After lifting, sink your palm into the matting once more. Do that motion once more, however this time, push your fingers in order that they raise the palm of your hand in addition to most fingers from the bottom. Ensure your fingertips are the one components of your palms touching the mat. Repeat as many instances as desired.

Flicking The Water Drill:

Begin this drill by sitting comparatively comfortably with a straight again. Chances are you’ll use a wall for the again assist or you possibly can sit in your shins if that is extra snug for you. Convey your arms up overhead and shut your palm tightly into fists. From right here, open your palms and stretch your fingers large, virtually as if you’re making an attempt to flick water off your palms. Repeat as many instances as desired at any tempo you’re feeling snug with.

Flashlights or 'flick the water' drill, which improves strength in the wrists, hands, and forearms and is a great handstand foundation and warm-up for handstand practice

Above Photographs Credit score: Camilla Mia- ‘Constructing the Energy & Mobility Foundations | Full Handstand Information Pt. 1;

Wrist Extension:

Just like the wrist push-ups, begin this drill on all fours. Unfold your fingers extensively, floor your palms into the ground proper beneath your shoulders and rotate your palms so your index fingers develop into parallel. From this place, you will notice that you would be able to actually activate your total palm by means of urgent the again of your index finger’s knuckle into the bottom. Activate all 10 fingers by means of, imagining that you’re making an attempt to grip the ground. Whereas doing this, preserve your elbows straight as you inhale and begin leaning the shoulders ahead previous your wrists. Go so far as you’re feeling snug. Once you exhale, come again to the impartial, preliminary place that you simply had been in. In a nutshell, whenever you inhale, lean the shoulders ahead and whenever you exhale, come again to impartial. Repeat this at the least 10 instances or as many instances as desired.

2. Construct flexibility and energy inside your shoulders

When first beginning out in your handstand journey, it is advisable to have a adequate quantity of shoulder energy and adaptability. It’s closely advisable to observe shoulder mobility as this may enable you to have the ability to ‘stack’ your shoulders over your wrists in handstands.

To assist construct your flexibility and energy in your shoulders, take a look at some straightforward workouts and drills beneath.

Shoulder Shrugs:

Begin on all fours, along with your shoulders ‘stacked’ on prime of your wrists. On this place, think about you wish to push the bottom away. Elevate actively up and out of the shoulders, and unfold your shoulder blades (protraction). Upon getting carried out this, retract your shoulders and permit your higher physique to sink down once more. Repeat at the least 10 instances. In case you are in search of a problem, as an alternative of beginning on all fours, begin in both downward canine or the planking place, and even towards a wall!


Shoulder Openers: 

Place your self into all fours in your mat. Stack your hips on prime of your knees while waking your palms ahead. Relaxation both your brow or chin on the bottom. When doing this, you need to really feel a stretch in your shoulders and chest. For much less depth, you possibly can place both a yoga block, or a e book beneath every of your palms. From this place, bend your elbows and attain again in direction of the again of your neck. Make sure that your palms meet when doing this!

3. Strengthen Your Core

As a result of hole physique form that’s wanted to carry a handstand for an honest period of time, you have to work in your core energy, as it’s very best for in the case of maintaining the ribs and decrease stomach tucked in. Total, this enables for a way more steady handstand.

Discover some good workouts and drills that can assist with constructing that core energy beneath.

Warrior 3: 

That is nice for in the case of maintaining your complete physique roughly in a single line. Begin in a standing place, after which from right here, sit back with one leg, sending your higher physique ahead. Discover a focus on the bottom that you would be able to give attention to as this may assist with sustaining your stability. Barely bend the leg you might be standing on if this proves to be tough. Brace your core as a lot as you possibly can. Attain backwards with the heel of your foot as if you’re making an attempt to kick the wall behind you. Make sure that your hips are stage, and attain your arms overhead. Attempt doing this for 20-60 seconds along with your core engaged.

One-Legged Plank Drill: 

Begin within the planking pose. Have interaction the palm of your palms and fingers to stop your whole weight from going into your wrists. Suck your stomach button again into your backbone, knit your ribs in, and lean ahead with the intention to ‘stack’ your shoulders on the tops of your palms. From right here, raise one leg up along with your core nonetheless engaged. Decrease this leg again down once more. Repeat with the other leg. Elevate every leg 20 instances and maintain the lifted leg for at the least 10 seconds on the final repetition on both sides.

Handstand foundation strength drill called one legged plank pose to increase hollowbody strength and full body engagement.

Above Photographs Credit score: Camilla Mia- ‘Constructing the Energy & Mobility Foundations | Full Handstand Information Pt. 1;

For extra core workouts that you are able to do with little to no tools, take a look at our weblog right here.

4. Attempt Towards A Wall

Upon getting conditioned your wrists, shoulders and core, it’s time to start out trialling out the handstands. We suggest that you simply strive towards a wall, with both a handstand mat or some type of to stop the wall from getting marks on it and in addition defend the gymnast in case of a fall.

To start out, sit along with your again pressed towards your nominated wall, and your legs straight in entrance of you. From right here, get on all fours. Place your palms on the bottom roughly the place your heels had been within the first place. This can can help you information your self up the wall in a secure method. From right here, press the soles of your toes pressed up towards the wall, preserve your arms straight, and unfold your fingers out. When doing this, make sure that you pull your shoulders again, drawing them out with the intention to broaden your collar bone.

To shift within the handstand place, pull your backside into the air while straightening your legs and arms. When doing this, needless to say you wish to seem like you might be doing the downward canine place. Stroll your toes up the wall and straighten your legs when you attain the highest.

Perfecting Your Kind

So you are able to do a handstand – What now?

One of the crucial necessary options of doing a handstand is ensuring you might have the proper kind. Basically, you wish to maintain a hole physique form as this helps stop athletes from gaining accidents. The staff at Neophyte Efficiency breaks it down for us.

As pictured above, this athlete is displaying the inaccurate strategy to maintain your physique in the case of doing a handstand.

Upon nearer evaluation:

  • Her backbone will not be protected and her glutes usually are not engaged.
  • The athlete’s shoulders are additionally closed, which signifies that she will likely be unable to dam throughout tumbling expertise, and in addition results in changing into extra liable to accidents.
  • Additionally, you will see that her core will not be engaged both, which result in a really unstable handstand.

Above Picture Credit score: Neophyte Efficiency (@neophyte_performance) from their Instagram web page

Nonetheless, within the second photograph above, the athlete demonstrates the proper means during which you need to maintain your physique to successfully be capable of do a handstand.

Let’s take a more in-depth look:

  • Her glutes are squeezed, which is permitting for an ‘open’ place along with her hips.
  • Her T- Backbone is rounded, and her ribs are tucked away. This enables for the safety of the ribs.
  • Armpits are pushed to the ground, permitting for her shoulders to be ‘open’.
  • Her head is impartial, along with her eyes taking a look at her fingers.


Observe the following pointers, and also you’ll be a handstand professional very quickly! Present us your handstand expertise by way of Instagram to be featured on our socials! 

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