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Fezziwig’s Sir Roger de Coverley Dance How To

Christmas and dancing go hand in hand. A conventional Christmas dance Charles Dickens wrote about in A Christmas Carol was Sr Roger De Coverley nation dance. It’s no surprise he wrote about Fezziwig frolicking to Sir Roger de Coverley at his Christmas ball.

Historical past of Sir Roger de Coverley

The Dance Sir Roger de Coverley was first talked about in John Playford’s guide “The Dancing Grasp” in 1685. This dance is assumed to painting the antics of a fox being hunted. Some say the dance was named after the grandfather of Sir Roger de Coverley of Worcestershire England. “The primary of our society is a gentleman of Worcestershire, of historical descent, a baronet, his identify is Sir Roger de Coverley. His great-grandfather was inventor of that well-known country-dance which known as after him.” (The Spectator of March 2, 1711). Sir Roger de Coverley was a mannequin of Christmas benevolence and charity and by affiliation this dance turned a typical Christmas dance.

Featured in Books and films

Each books and films featured the Dance Sir Roger de Coverley. It was talked about in common books like a Christmas Carol, Silas Marner by George Eliot, This Factor of Darkness by Harry Thompson and The Rescuers by Margery Sharp. Motion pictures like 1939 movie model of Wuthering Heights, and in the identical 12 months it was danced by Scarlett O’Hara on the Atlanta Bazaar in Gone with the Wind. Final, Sir Roger de Coverley was featured at Fezziwig’s within the 1951 movie Scrooge,

The various names of this Christmas Dance

This energetic nation dance was a favourite to finish a ball with. As a result of it was such a straightforward dance the friends would go away in good spirits having danced this energetic ditty. In Scottish traditions it was referred to as the Haymakers, in England it was known as the Ending Dance, and in America it was re-named the Virginia Reel.

Dance Sir Roger De Coverley

Longways units of {couples} as many as will, {couples} dealing with each other with girls on one aspect and gents dealing with them. As a lot of the dance happens between the strains, the strains needs to be far sufficient aside for this to occur comfortably.



The primary couple, i.e., the primary Woman (at A) and final Gentleman (at B), advance to Heart and work together* with one another (in one of many methods listed under), then retreat to residence locations.




The second couple, i.e., the primary Gentleman (at A) and final Woman (at B), advance to C and work together *with one another in the identical approach as the primary couple, then retreat to residence locations.




Potential Interactions*

  1. Advance, honor companions (bow & curtsey), retreat to put
  2. Advance, flip with proper arms, retreat to put
  3. Advance, flip with left arms, retreat to put
  4. Advance, flip with each arms, retreat to put
  5. Advance, dos-à-dos, retreat to put

Subsequent, the pinnacle couple at A move one another at C and weave by the set as under, passing one another once more at D, E,  and many others. 

LA  L  L  L

    C D E 


Then, the pinnacle couple promenades up the middle of the set and casts off across the set, the pinnacle Observe pealing off and the pinnacle Lead peeling off like a banana. All of the Follows observe the pinnacle Observe, and all of the Leads observe the Head Lead.

On reaching the underside the pinnacle couple takes arms and lift them to kind an arch, underneath which the remainder of the strains move by. In the long run, the pinnacle couple finally ends up because the final couple, the second couple finally ends up as heads, and the final couple finally ends up as second to final.

Chances are you’ll repeat the set till all {couples} have had a chance to be the lead couple or till the music ends.

Music Decisions

 “Sir Roger de Coverley” or a energetic Jig.

A particular because of Craig Tomazin for being a particular Mr. Fezziwig reverse my Mrs. Fezziwig. I hope to reside as much as the being the perfect Fezziwig couple filled with Christmas pleasure all 12 months spherical. We definitely share the Fezziwig’s pleasure of dancing.


We filmed the dancing at Adventures in Dance in Littleton Colorado. Within the background of the instruction is the good corridor of the Miramont Citadel in Manitou Springs Colorado. This 1895 fortress options 9 totally different architectural types.  


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