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Find out how to Deal with the Drink

You will not bear in mind having a colonoscopy. However you will probably bear in mind the colonoscopy prep drink.

Making ready for a colonoscopy usually includes consuming a substance that can clear your bowels by supplying you with diarrhea. Most individuals who’ve had a colonoscopy don’t have anything good to say about that drink.

“Mine had a pineapple style,” says UVA Most cancers Middle director Thomas Loughran, MD. “I don’t like pineapples anymore.”

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Transcript: Jonathan Bartels: The colonoscopy prep was simply fabulous, not. Jim Ryan: The prep was liberating. Mark Lorenzoni: It wasn’t that dangerous, it was simply, you needed to drink a number of it. I feel it was like a lemony-type style. Tim Longo: Not a really nice style. Tom Loughran: Mine had a pineapple style. I do not like pineapples anymore. Olivia Department: I feel I went with a berry taste and infused it with some berry water. So it was like my very own little night cocktail.

Why is the colonoscopy prep drink so dangerous? Is there something you are able to do to make colonoscopy prep style higher? Amanda Johnson, a registered nurse who works with colonoscopy sufferers, answered some widespread questions. As certainly one of our hottest posts final yr, we’re reposting throughout Colorectal Most cancers Consciousness Month.

Johnson’s recommendation? Go straightforward on the fiber within the days earlier than and use a straw to ensure you get sufficient of the colonoscopy prep drink. You might not benefit from the prep, however you will be glad you bought a colonoscopy. It is saved many lives and it may save yours.

Colonoscopy Prep: What’s Concerned & Why

Throughout a colonoscopy, your physician makes use of a colonoscope — a small, lighted digital camera inside a comfortable tube — to look at your colon. In case your physician sees polyps, small growths of cells that may flip into most cancers, they’ll snip or burn them off. Your supplier will then ship the polyps to a lab for testing.

For the physician to do that safely, your colon needs to be clear and empty, Johnson says. In any other case, they won’t be capable of see polyps or suspicious areas. A transparent view additionally helps forestall a perforation, or a tear within the colon. In case your colon isn’t clear if you present up to your appointment, your care group could must cancel the process.

So in the event you’re getting a colonoscopy, you need to begin consuming a low-fiber food plan 5 days earlier than the process. Which means avoiding:

  • Entire grains
  • Bran
  • Oatmeal
  • Granola
  • Corn
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Vegetables and fruit with skins or seeds that you would be able to’t take away

The day earlier than the process, you may solely have clear liquids, together with the infamous pre-colonoscopy drink.

The Totally different Colonoscopy Drinks

Relying in your insurance coverage and product availability, your physician could prescribe a drink or advocate an over-the-counter product. All of those drinks have lively elements that make you poop. Rather a lot.

Frequent drinks embrace:

  • GoLytely (prescription)
  • Nutytely (prescription)
  • Colyte (prescription)
  • Suprep (prescription)
  • Gatorade combined with Miralax (over-the-counter, though your physician can write a Miralax prescription in the event you can’t afford to pay for it out of pocket)

Johnson says GoLytely is the “gold customary” as a result of it really works the perfect. In different phrases, it leaves the smallest quantity of poop in your colon. Sadly, there’s at present a GoLytely scarcity, so Johnson’s group falls again on the opposite choices.

Find out how to Make Colonoscopy Prep Style Higher

The drinks all have one factor in widespread: You must drink rather a lot, anyplace from 22 to 135 ounces. Suprep is on the bottom finish of that, but it surely tends to be pricier than different choices.

That’s a serious purpose why the prep has such a foul repute, Johnson says. “It’s a number of quantity to soak up a comparatively brief period of time,” she explains. “Some sufferers complain of nausea or vomiting.”

The prescription preps usually include a lemon, berry, or pineapple taste packet. In the event you’re getting Miralax and Gatorade, you may select the Gatorade taste — besides something that’s purple or pink. These can discolor the colon and resemble blood.

Johnson additionally suggests:

  • Mixing sugar-free Kool-Assist or Crystal Mild into your drink
  • Make it chilly: Add ice or combine your prep early so it could actually chill within the fridge earlier than you need to drink it.
  • Drink via a straw.

The Backside Line: Simply Do It

Get a Colon Most cancers Screening

Uncertain a couple of colonoscopy? Ask your physician about the correct screening for you.

In case your physician recommends a colonoscopy, don’t let the prep scare you away. The American Most cancers Society (ACS) estimates that colorectal most cancers — colon, anal, and rectal most cancers — will kill 52,980 individuals within the U.S. in 2021. And this most cancers usually has no signs till it’s superior, so that you received’t know you could have it with no screening.

Dying and analysis charges are rising in individuals below 55, which is why the ACS now recommends getting your first screening at 45. In case you have a household historical past, you need to speak to your major care physician about getting a screening sooner.

“Colonoscopies save lives!” Johnson says. “Polyps that will in any other case flip into most cancers could be eliminated. We promise to take wonderful care of you. And we’ll provide the finest peanut butter crackers and ginger ale of your life if you’re performed.”

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