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Ought to You Foam Roll IT Band? (Video Information for Rolling)

Easy methods to foam roll IT Band? It’s a dialogue that comes up so typically amongst runners, that it deserved a complete article.

Brief story, you might want to cease straight rolling on the IT Band and hoping it’s going to resolve points.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

Seems like a geek squad that couldn’t fairly get their act collectively, however actually it’s the bane of many runners existence.

In truth, I’ve written an 80 web page e-E book on resolving IT Band points as soon as and for all as a result of I get questions day by day about it!

As we speak I wished to share one of many different nice classes I realized in protecting my IT Band completely satisfied for the final 10+ years.

STOP foam rolling IT Band tightness! I’ve now had a number of Bodily Therapists share that this was a horrible misstep began by some nicely that means health club trainers. Logically it looks like it ought to work, however it’s the alternative of what we need to do.

Let’s first get a greater understanding of why we’d foam roll one thing after which transfer on to the way to deal with your tight IT Band.

Why We Foam Roll?

Let’s begin by speaking about what the froth curler does and what we are attempting to perform.

As defined by the American Council on Train (ACE):

Foam rolling can also be referred to as myofascial launch and is designed to work out the “knots” in your muscle groups. You could possibly evaluate the apply to self-massage. The technical phrases for ‘knots’ are set off factors or myofascial adhesions.

So it appears to make sense that if foam rolling helps to launch muscle pressure, we’d need to roll one thing that has gotten so tight….ahhh, however there’s extra to the story.

Like what is definitely inflicting the tightness.

What’s fascia?

Fascia is connective tissue that gives stability and connection of all the pieces in our physique.

A great way to think about it’s that your pores and skin is just like the outer layer of an orange and the fascia is that white layer which connects all the pieces and provides it construction!

When our fascia will get tight or twisted, by way of stress, coaching, overuse, below use, motion imbalances and accidents, we develop what are known as muscle adhesion’s. Or these “knots” and set off factors everybody tells you to roll on.

We need to break up these adhesion’s to stop any extra imbalances from muscle groups being pulled too tightly or proscribing blood circulation.

You’ll be able to learn extra on Breaking Muscle about why fascia issues to athletes.  Why we need to foam roll

Why Does Foam Rolling Damage?

As famous that break up is painful as a result of we’re forcing tissue that’s linked to muscle, bones and organs to return to it’s relaxed state.

Releasing set off factors helps to reestablish correct motion patterns and ache free motion, and finally, to reinforce efficiency.

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What’s the IT Band?

With out attending to sciencey on you, the IT Band is connective tissue (not a muscle) runs out of your hip to your knee. 

That’s why it typically leads to knee ache when tight. The pulling on that tissue whether or not up or down goes to tug on the course of your knee whereas working.

The IT band offers important assist for the outer hip in transferring and standing upright.

Your IT Band isn’t evil and doesn’t must be overwhelmed in to submission. 

In truth, you shouldn’t be utilizing the curler proper alongside your IT Band when it’s infected in any respect.Understanding how to treat IT Band pain

You’ll be able to’t calm down the IT Band, that’s a fallacy.

It’s tissue, not a muscle, so you may’t stretch it out.

It’s tightness is brought on by different muscle groups from the glutes to misaligned hips. And rolling on it really smashes the muscle groups beneath it, which isn’t the objective of froth rolling.

Obtain my free IT Band Guidelines to get began on restoration >>

Frequent Causes of IT Band Ache

I’ve performed a deep dive on IT Band Syndrome to offer you extra concepts for restoration, however let’s simply cowl a couple of.

One frequent trigger is weak glutes that result in our TFL (tensor fasciae latae) to kick in to maintain the knee secure.

The TFL can’t maintain that stage of effort so the IT Band tries to select up the slack by tightening up. Your physique needs to be secure and can compensate on your weaknesses till it may’t.

One other tremendous frequent points is hips which might be out of alignment.

What to do as an alternative of froth rolling your IT Band?

Long run we have to appropriate poor motion patterns, which frequently come from weak areas:

It Band help

Easy methods to Foam Roll IT Band?

All proper, so we are able to’t unlock the IT Band by beating it in to a pulp and we undoubtedly must strengthen different areas, however that doesn’t imply you’re off the hook for foam rolling.

We’re not going to ever roll straight ON your IT Band.

Significantly when it’s inflammed, this can be a lot like pushing on a bruise and hoping that may make it really feel higher. As an alternative, we have to get to the foundation trigger and launch muscle groups that may be pulling on the ITB.

Is there a very good foam curler for IT Band?

You might need seen the R8 marketed as an IT Band foam curler.

No. Arduous cease. It’s going to make issues worse.

I do know this from each private expertise and speaking with different working coaches, who’ve additionally seen runners worsen from utilizing it. The general curler is okay, however we don’t need you rolling it alongside your tight ITB.

I’ve written detailed tips about discovering the fitting foam curler and utilizing it accurately.

My suggestion could be to start out with a Set off Level Grid foam curler to dig in to areas and observe up with a therapeutic massage gun if that’s an possibility.

Bonus factors for a vibrating foam curler. They really assist to cease ache alerts to the mind, which might enable you get extra muscle rest from surrounding muscle groups.

Methods to Launch Tight ITB

If we aren’t rolling on the IT Band, let’s speak about what we have to roll as an alternative!

Listed here are the areas I’d deal with to assist your physique launch the tightness in your ITB WITHOUT rolling in your IT Band.

We have to guarantee all the pieces round it loosens up given it an opportunity to breathe! The next video will present you the way to hit every of the areas described beneath.


Laying in your abdomen place the froth curler in your hip crease and roll to the knee. By no means roll over the knee, repeat for as much as 30 seconds and maintain for 30 seconds in any spot with a knot.

Hip adductor/hip flexor/TFL

From the identical place, get only one leg on the curler and work it in to that hip crease for 30 seconds. Then roll on to your aspect in regards to the location of a aspect pocket and roll for 30 seconds.


From there carry on rolling til you have got one glute on the curler and cross the opposite knee over in a determine 4 place. This may enable you to get in to that glute medius which is ceaselessly tender, so don’t go for ache, simply transfer round and attempt to loosen the strain.


Ideally, place one calf on the curler and the opposite on high of it for added strain. It’s possible you’ll must work as much as this, however it’s very useful to get a bit deeper.

The calf must be rolled in 3 instructions, down the center, to the surface and to the within to make sure you hit all of the muscle groups. A good calf pulls on the knee and is one other frequent explanation for knee ache.

Internal quad

Again in your abdomen you’ll have the curler out a bit to 1 aspect and place your inside thigh on it simply above the knee.

This space is considered one of my most delicate and an effective way to inform that I want to permit these muscle groups to launch in order that they aren’t pulling my knee inward whereas I run.

Whereas I’ve a LOT of rollers and PT balls, if I needed to choose one…

That is the most effective foam curler for many issues.

Sure, go for the lengthy curler. You’ll discover different makes use of for it like opening your chest after sitting on the pc all day.

Bonus Tip

Usually instances we have to cease rolling the leg of the IT Band ache totally and deal with the alternative aspect.

For instance, when my left IT Band begins to behave up it’s typically a fast signal for me of hip misalignment and tightness coming from the fitting aspect.

If I deal with solely rolling the fitting aspect, releasing that pressure and permitting my physique to maneuver again in to pure alignment it resolves the ITB points with out additional inflamming it by way of rolling.

Want extra assist resolving your IT Band points?
Checkout my 80 web page e book which accommodates all the pieces I’ve performed for over 12 years to maintain mine completely satisfied, to assist the runners I coach and a whole lot of others who’ve downloaded and began following the ideas.

How typically do you foam roll?

What space offers you essentially the most bother?

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