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The Neocons are on Each Sides & They At all times Need Conflict – Funding Watch

by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Do you assume Putin is a sufferer?


ANSWER: No, I feel he has been performed like a fiddle. Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Overseas Minister, has come out and mentioned:

“This isn’t about Ukraine in any respect, however the world order. The present disaster is a fateful, epoch-making second in fashionable historical past. It displays the battle over what the world order will appear to be.”

There isn’t any black and white. BOTH sides have their Neocons who simply all the time need warfare. Their lives are crammed with hate. Whereas the Neocons have management of the Biden Administration, make no mistake about it, the Neocons behind Putin need much more aggressiveness than what Putin has proven. They might nuke Kyiv within the blink of a watch as a warning to the West. Three excessive rating individuals have all come out and threatened nuclear warfare. The #2 man has praised Stalin’s Nice Purge as obligatory. Take away Putin, and also you simply could get somebody far worse. Stalin might kill 10 million individuals in a day and go have fun with a nice dinner, caviar, and wine.

The Neocons know that getting you to hate Putin, they will use that to justify warfare. There isn’t any justice in warfare. Even Wikipedia contains that Vietnamese by no means fired on us and Johnson remarked after mendacity to the nation that for all he knew, they had been taking pictures at wales. That was a proxy warfare for they hated Communists. We misplaced over 50,000 boys for his or her video games. Communism fell of its personal inefficiencies – not due to Neocons who nonetheless hate China and Russia.

There was no Weapons of Mass Destruction to justify Iraq, nor did the Spanish blow up the Maine. Even Hearst instructed Fredrick Remington that if he provided the images, Hearst would create the warfare.

We now have been stricken by individuals ON BOTH SIDES who’re crammed with hatred and simply wish to annihilate their opponent. I can scream all I need. I’ve tried to defeat my very own pc and have been unable to take action even as soon as.

In the event that they have you ever hating Putin, that’s their objective for they want that hatred to justify a Declaration of Conflict which may solely come from Congress. As soon as they get that, the missiles will fly. So watch out, they are going to attraction to your sense of justice that Putin ought to be punished, however that entails way over they think about. They NEVER assume past that goal. They eliminated Saddam and created ISIS who he stored in examine. They wages their warfare antics towards Libya and Syria.They only all the time have to hate somebody – that’s what has consumed them.

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