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What Muscle Teams to Work Out Collectively

Have you ever ever questioned why so many strength-training packages divide up the key muscle teams in related methods?

Chest and shoulders, again and arms, and legs and core are frequent combos.

Whereas that is removed from the one approach to sort out resistance coaching (and it might not even be the finest approach), teaming up main muscle teams is a time-efficient method that may assist max out fatigue because you pair up muscle groups that overlap or work collectively, says Lance Goyke, M.S., C.S.C.S.

Learn on to study what muscle teams to work out collectively, the most effective muscle group mixtures, and construction a energy coaching plan on your particular person targets.

Main Muscle Teams

These are the key muscle teams and customary workouts that concentrate on them:

  • chest (together with pectorals and serratus anterior): flat bench press, push-ups, and chest dips.
  • again (together with lats and rhomboids): deadlifts, bent-over row, and lat pulldowns.
  • arms (together with biceps and triceps): triceps extensions, biceps curls, and cranium crushers.
  • abdominals: planks, bicycle crunches, and lifeless bugs.
  • legs (together with glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps): squats, lunges, and step-ups.
  • shoulders (together with traps and deltoids): overhead presses, push presses, and entrance raises.

There are two essential approaches to figuring out what muscle teams to work out collectively.

“The traditional physique half break up pairs muscle groups that sometimes work collectively to carry out a key motion (e.g., chest and tris in pushing motions, again and biceps in pulling motions) and non-competing muscle teams (e.g., legs and shoulders),” says Trevor Thieme, C.S.C.S., Senior Director, Health and Diet Content material at Beachbody.

The format provides essentially the most benefits for critical lifters.

“The power to maximise coaching quantity and train variation is the most important professional for following a traditional body-part break up,” says Thieme.

For the remainder of us, different coaching splits make extra sense, he explains.

That features combining push and pull exercises with a leg exercise, specializing in all higher or decrease physique actions, or grouping exercises by motion sample (like hinging, squatting, and so forth.).

“Not solely do these coaching splits scale back the chance of enjoying favorites (e.g., focusing too intently on mirror muscle groups), however in addition they are typically simpler at constructing useful, real-world energy for most individuals,” provides Thieme.

Main Muscle Teams to Work Out on the Identical Day

Woman trainer spotting man doing bench press

Working main muscle teams on the identical day “generally is a sensible technique for bodybuilders, as that traditional coaching break up helps maximize every muscle group’s coaching quantity and train variation — each of that are key for development,” explains Thieme.

What muscle teams must you work out collectively?

The most typical and best-known muscle group mixtures are:

  • Chest and shoulders
  • Again and arms
  • Legs and abdominals

Specializing in two muscle teams per exercise helps keep away from overexertion and achieves higher outcomes.

By working totally different main muscle teams on totally different days (and pairing teams which are both shut collectively or work collectively), every group can get most outcomes and most relaxation and restoration time.

If you happen to tried to work out your entire physique each time you lifted, you’d spend hours within the health club and put on your self out earlier than maxing out your muscle groups’ capability.

Muscle Group Exercises for Weightlifters

“The usual approach of doing a exercise is known as ‘straight units,’ the place you do one train to completion earlier than transferring on to the subsequent,” explains Goyke.

However there are many different methods to coach main muscle teams.

“These coaching methods aren’t extra superior, they’re simply totally different, and each provides its personal distinctive advantages,” says Thieme.

Push-pull exercises

This exercise combines muscle teams that carry out related actions.

“Pushing” strikes work the triceps, shoulders, and chest, for instance, whereas “pulling” ones goal the biceps, again, and forearms.

Antagonistic exercises

Woman doing biceps curl at gym

Antagonist and agonist muscle groups work in opposition, so one group is relaxed whereas the opposite is contracted.

Examples embody the biceps and triceps, hamstrings and quads, and lats and deltoids.

Each push-pull exercises and antagonistic classes “are designed to do extra total work in much less time,” says Goyke.


As a substitute of resting between workouts, a superset entails performing them again to again.

“Supersets are designed to do extra work in much less time, often bringing on extra fatigue as effectively,” says Goyke. “This isn’t one thing you’ll usually do for those who’re aiming to elevate essentially the most quantity of weight you’ll be able to.”

Higher or decrease physique exercises

A exercise that focuses on the whole higher physique or decrease physique.

They permit for higher fatigue, says Goyke, including that that is his go-to coaching methodology for many purchasers.

Backside Line

There’s no want to spend so much of time worrying about what muscle teams to work out collectively – or stick with an excellent strict schedule.

“If you happen to actually wish to maximize the effectiveness of your coaching program, you’ll decide two coaching splits and alternate between from week to week,” advises Thieme.

“Doing so will assist make sure that your program has the correct quantity of train selection and exercise frequency so that you can crush your targets,” he provides.

Or you could possibly let an professional like Joel Freeman do the planning for you. LIIFT4 takes the guesswork out of your exercises.

By combining heavy lifting and intense cardio, it transforms your physique in 4 days per week.

And with 32 distinctive, real-time exercises, you’ll by no means get bored, since you’ll by no means do the identical one twice.

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