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What’s Torticollis? – Life Amongst Girls

By Rebecca Rudisill, PT, DPT, Pediatric Licensed Specialist

What’s torticollis?

Torticollis is a dysfunction, generally seen in infants, wherein tight neck muscle mass trigger the pinnacle to show and/or rotate to the facet. Probably the most generally affected muscle is the sternocleidomastoid (or SCM for brief) – a big muscle that runs from behind the ear to the breast bone and collar bone. The SCM causes the pinnacle to tilt to the identical facet and to rotate to the other facet. Moreover, the tightness of the SCM may cause a cascade of tightness all through your complete physique. The incidence of torticollis has tremendously elevated over the previous 30 years as a result of Again to Sleep (now Secure to Sleep) program. Now that infants are spending extra time on their again, they don’t seem to be naturally turning their heads to clear their airway, which stretches out the neck. Again to Sleep is extraordinarily vital for toddler security and Sudden Toddler Loss of life Syndrome (SIDS) prevention, however torticollis is one attainable final result. The excellent news is that with early identification and therapy, torticollis might be totally resolved! 

How do I do know if my child has torticollis?

Look again by your cellphone at photos of your child. Do they tilt their head the identical means in each image? It is a main indication that one thing will not be proper. One other indication is that if your child solely seems to be in a single path and fusses if you happen to flip their head the opposite means. In case you discover your child is growing a flat spot on their cranium, their eyes or face look asymmetrical, or if they’ve rubbed off all of the hair in a spot on one facet of their head, they might have torticollis as effectively. In case you discover a lump or bump in your child’s neck, deliver it to your physician’s consideration. This lump is probably going a band of tight muscle tissue referred to as fibromatosis colli or a pseudo tumor. It’s a signal that your child has torticollis. 

Ought to I be in search of the rest?

Plagiocephaly, a flowery scientific phrase for a flattening of the cranium on one facet, is a situation generally seen with torticollis. You may even see flattening of the again of the pinnacle on one facet, one ear pushed ahead, a smaller eye or cheek on one facet, or a shift in jaw alignment. When caught and addressed early in life, plagiocephaly is correctable with conservative therapy in bodily remedy. If it’s not caught early, infants might have to put on a helmet to appropriate their head form. Helmets are very light-weight and normally don’t trouble infants in any respect. Therapy of plagiocephaly, whether or not conservative or extra concerned, is extremely really helpful to assist your child develop a spherical head form. A spherical head is critical for the suitable match of glasses, bike helmets, and sports activities helmets. 

I feel my child has torticollis. Now what?

In case you assume your child might need torticollis and/or plagiocephaly, ask your pediatrician to refer you to bodily remedy. Sooner is healthier! Therapy is shorter and extra more likely to lead to full decision of signs when remedy is began earlier. Starting bodily remedy earlier than 3 months is finest, however it’s by no means too late to make a distinction. 

A bodily therapist will assess your child from head to toe, give you a complete therapy plan, and offer you workouts to work on at residence. Therapy for torticollis might embody:

  • Stretching of the tight muscle mass within the neck and trunk
  • Rising energetic motion within the neck
  • Strengthening the neck and trunk on each side
  • Visually monitoring faces and toys in all instructions
  • Improvement of symmetrical, age applicable gross motor abilities
  • Environmental adjustments to advertise rotation to the other facet
  • Dad or mum and/or caregiver schooling
  • Aquatic remedy for kids 1 yr and older

Dad or mum participation and completion of a house train program is an important part of bodily remedy therapy for torticollis. Your therapist offers you a mixture of stretches, strengthening workouts, and developmental play to finish at residence along with your baby. Common completion of those workouts will stretch and strengthen your child’s muscle mass serving to the torticollis resolve.

For extra data or to schedule an appointment with one among our therapists, please go to our web site or contact Lady’s Heart for Wellness at 225-924-8450.

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