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Why Intercourse is Extra Tough After Menopause?

Written by Caroline Knight 

The menopause is one thing that each one ladies know they may ultimately need to cope with, and plenty of even have an thought of the kind of signs they may expertise when that point comes. Probably the most generally anticipated signs of the menopause are sizzling flashes, evening sweats, temper swings, irritability and problem sleeping. There are fairly a lot of different signs that ladies are more likely to expertise throughout the menopause, however one of many tougher menopause signs is sexual issues.

Intercourse after the menopause is more likely to be harder due to the bodily adjustments you inevitably undergo, however relaxation assured this doesn’t imply that intercourse shall be inconceivable, or not pleasurable. With schooling on the merchandise and practices that will help you cope with the bodily elements of the change, it is possible for you to to search out some equilibrium in your sexual life as soon as once more.



The common age for girls to succeed in menopause is 51, though in some instances it arrives later. For others nonetheless, the menopause comes sooner than anticipated, beginning at between 41 and 45. This is called ‘untimely menopause’ and impacts round 1% of girls. Most ladies enter the pre-menopausal part of their late 40s, and that may final for as much as ten years. It’s known as the perimenopause, and it occurs when estrogen and progesterone manufacturing begins to decelerate. Throughout this part, ladies are more likely to experiences adjustments within the month-to-month cycle and different menopause signs, simply at a lesser diploma of depth.

Though there are numerous menopause signs that may have an effect on you, this text will deal with the problem of why intercourse is tougher after the menopause. We can even provide you with among the simplest options for a wholesome intercourse life throughout menopause.


Will the menopause make intercourse harder?

Though there are not any ensures right here as a result of each girl is totally different, it’s doubtless that you’ll expertise a minimum of some adjustments in your intercourse life after menopause. Totally different our bodies would possibly reply to the adjustments in numerous methods; some would possibly expertise extra intense signs than others due to their life-style, their normal state of well being, or their lack of awareness as to the best way to handle menopausal adjustments.


That mentioned, on condition that the menopause goes by means of the identical course of in all ladies, you may anticipate your hormone manufacturing to say no as a part of this course of. This does result in bodily adjustments (over time) within the vagina, and naturally variations in your libido. These are the primary causes the menopause could effectively have an effect on your intercourse life to some extent, nevertheless it doesn’t need to imply you utterly relinquish your sexual relationship along with your companion!


It’s a good suggestion to anticipate some adjustments however to commit to creating efforts to retain stability in your physique in order that your intercourse life isn’t too dramatically affected.


Which bodily adjustments make intercourse tougher after menopause?

The hormonal adjustments within the feminine physique at menopause can result in some bodily adjustments which will have a detrimental impression in your intercourse life, till you discover methods to make post-menopausal intercourse simpler. A number of the commonest bodily adjustments that have an effect on intercourse after the menopause are:

  • Dryness within the vagina
  • Thinning of the vaginal tissues
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Declining flexibility within the vaginal tissues
  • Vaginal tightness and/or shortening of the start canal
  • Vaginal atrophy (irritation and irritation)
  • Lack of libido


Menopause signs are an enormous matter and there’s a lot to say about them. This checklist is distilled all the way down to those that trigger essentially the most issues relating to intercourse, however every has a remedy possibility which will effectively be just right for you… so learn on if you wish to discover methods to handle your menopausal intercourse issues.


Which sexual issues are doubtless throughout the menopause?

When your estrogen ranges decline it’s possible that you’ll expertise a drying and thinning of your vaginal tissues, which can end in sexual activity feeling much less comfy than earlier than – and even painful. Ache throughout sexual activity (dyspareunia) just isn’t unusual in ladies going by means of the menopause; it occurs most frequently to ladies over 50. The truth is, it impacts between 17 and 45 per cent of postmenopausal ladies.

You may also expertise some extent of tightness within the vagina, or burning sensations within the vagina or vulva area. This may occur because of irritation, tearing or bleeding attributable to penetration when there’s inadequate lubrication within the vagina. It might additionally occur due to vaginal atrophy. We’ll focus on vaginal atrophy in additional element beneath, because it is among the extra frequent issues with intercourse after the menopause.

As your hormone ranges decline and your durations come to a cease, your libido can also be more likely to diminish. Falling estrogen ranges are the explanation to your sizzling flashes, temper swings, weight acquire, evening sweats and vaginal dryness… and (fairly understandably) these gained’t make you’re feeling notably horny! On prime of this, the decline in testosterone ranges in ladies of menopause age may end up in a lower of sexual need and motivation.

It is very important word that even you probably have been by means of the menopause, painful intercourse can occur for different causes. For instance, you will have vulvodynia (persistent ache of the vulva) or vaginismus (involuntary spasms and tightness within the vagina) because of different underlying circumstances – be they bodily or psychological. Likewise, vaginal stenosis (shortening and narrowing of the start canal) can occur due to radiotherapy therapies and isn’t essentially menopause associated. One other risk is vaginitis, or a urinary tract situation. If you’re uncertain that your sexual challenges are because of the menopause, it’s clever to debate them with a certified healthcare skilled.


What’s vaginal atrophy?

Vaginal atrophy (additionally known as atrophic vaginitis) is characterised by the thinning and drying of the vagina, and irritation of the vaginal partitions. It occurs when your estrogen ranges decline, so most frequently after menopause. Vaginal atrophy can positively make intercourse harder after menopause; it results in ache, but additionally urinary issues, which might additionally contribute to uncomfortable sexual experiences. When vaginal atrophy is menopause associated, it’s also known as Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM).


Vaginal atrophy (or GSM) signs are sometimes as follows:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal burning
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Gentle bleeding after intercourse
  • Discomfort with intercourse
  • Decreased vaginal lubrication throughout sexual exercise
  • Shortening and tightening of the vaginal canal (vaginal stenosis)
  • Genital itching
  • Burning when urinating
  • Urgency or elevated frequency of urination
  • UTIs


In case you have any of those signs, know that there are issues you are able to do deal with vaginal atrophy… and that by treating it, you’re more likely to make intercourse simpler after menopause.


How can I enhance intercourse after menopause?

If you’re discovering that intercourse is harder after menopause, you would possibly need to check out among the tried-and-tested merchandise and practices beneath:


Use vaginal lubricants

With the decline of your estrogen, you’ll additionally expertise a decline in vaginal lubrication. It subsequently makes excellent sense that you’d give your physique a serving to hand through the use of a private lubricant throughout intercourse. We suggest utilizing a top quality water-based lubricant in order to not irritate the delicate vaginal tissues – particularly you probably have any menopause-related irritation.


Use vaginal moisturizers

Though much like lubricants of their general results, moisturizers have a barely totally different goal. You may apply a vaginal moisturizer even if you end up not having intercourse, since your vagina will progressively soak up the moisture. This fashion your physique will already be primed for sexual exercise when it does occur.


Use Neueve Suppositories

NeuEve suppositories and lotions are an all-round menopause remedy as a result of they assist with signs resembling vaginal odor, dryness, vaginal atrophy, itching, burning, painful intercourse, and bacterial vaginosis… all of that are frequent menopause signs that have an effect on your intercourse life!


Attempt Vaginal estrogen remedy

ERT is a manner of reintroducing the lacking hormones that contribute to the decline of your intercourse life. ERT is available in topical estrogen lotions, however you could choose to take an estrogen pill. ERT might not be for everybody, and there’s proof to counsel that it’s not appropriate for older ladies because of critical unwanted effects. You will want to debate this selection along with your Physician.


Attempt MHT (Menopausal Hormone Remedy)

Research have proven that menopausal hormone remedy (MHT) is among the simplest therapies for vasomotor signs (resembling sizzling flashes and vaginal atrophy). Word that for girls underneath 60 the dangers are much less, however they do nonetheless exist. Nevertheless, the advantages are likely to outweigh them. You may ask your Physician about this risk.


Go for Plant-based BHT

For individuals who would reasonably stick to pure merchandise, you would possibly need to look into plant-based Bioidentical Hormone Remedy, which many ladies discover very useful. There are additionally a lot of herbs and pure preparations advisable by holistic practitioners all world wide. Vitex and Black Cohosh could also be place to begin your analysis!


Have extra foreplay along with your companion

This may occasionally appear apparent, but when your companion is used to a sure dynamic, you could have to encourage him to take extra time with you, now that you’ve reached menopause. This may assist your physique to calm down extra and reply higher, even when your libido has decreased. It’ll additionally create extra emotional intimacy, that means that you simply’ll be extra more likely to interact within the act once more sooner.  


Have intercourse typically

You won’t really feel within the temper as a lot nowadays, however if you need higher intercourse after menopause you need to attempt to have it extra typically. This may assist to forestall the form of your vagina from altering as a lot, and also you’ll be capable of retain your earlier vaginal capability. In case your start canal is smaller, intercourse shall be extra painful – so you may stop this from taking place by making an effort to have intercourse frequently.


Use vaginal dilators

VuvaTech vaginal dilators are small, cylindrical instruments that assist to maintain the vagina open and prolong its capability. They may assist to stretch the tissues in order that even if you happen to don’t really feel like intercourse, your vagina shall be prepared for it if you do. Dilators assist with every kind of gynecological circumstances, which is why healthcare practitioners typically suggest them as a part of a remedy protocol. When it comes to menopause, dilators can assist with vaginal atrophy and vaginal stenosis. Our Neodymium magnetic dilators enhance blood circulation to the tissues, which aids in muscle rest. They arrive in numerous sizes and full units, and you’ll work your manner as much as the bigger sizes with time. Why not take a look at our article on utilizing vaginal dilators if you happen to’re new to them? This provides you with an thought of what to anticipate and the perfect methods to make use of them to enhance your intercourse life after menopause.

dilators after menopause


The Backside Line: The menopause could carry challenges nevertheless it doesn’t need to imply the tip of your intercourse life.


The menopause generally is a tough time for girls, however after some adjustment they’ll as soon as once more get pleasure from a wholesome intercourse life with their companions. Take coronary heart in realizing that each one ladies undergo the identical course of, and most will know what you’re coping with, to some extent! Even when intercourse is troublesome after menopause, yow will discover therapies to your particular signs and it gained’t be lengthy earlier than you may resume a traditional intercourse life, even whether it is with the assistance of merchandise and instruments.


There are many issues you may strive within the consolation of your individual house, however it might be essential to seek the advice of your GP or a certified gynecological practitioner when signs are too troublesome to handle by yourself.



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